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Wordpress backups

Backing up your WordPress website is both vitally important and seriously overlooked at the same time. Don't be fooled into thinking that because nothing bad has happened so far, your WordPress site is safe and nothing bad can happen in the future. Problems usually occur when you least expect them. Murphy's law. When they do, having a recent backup of both your WordPress database and your WordPress files and being able to restore at a moment's notice will definitely come in handy. This is where WordPressSmith comes in. We provide you with peace of mind when it comes to reliable and frequent WordPress backups that will get your website back to normal should anything bad happen.

Wordpress themes and plugin updates

WordPress as a platform as well as its plugins and themes is a living project. Whether it's adding new features or just fixing bugs, keeping WordPress and your themes and plugins up to date is just as important as having a reliable backup of your data. While recent versions of WordPress benefit from automatic updates for minor releases, your themes and plugins still need manual updating. This can turn into a nightmare if you're running a dozen plugins or so and you need to check that each update was successful and nothing has broken your website. WordPressSmith aims to relieve that pressure. We update your WordPress core, keep your themes and plugins up to date and we check that everything still works the way it should after each update.

Wordpress security

Vulnerabilities in WordPress, on your network, weak passwords, plugin and theme security holes. You might think WordPress is just a purely insecure platform. The truth is, any web platform is only as secure as you make it. Are you still using “admin” as your Administrator account? WordPress not up to date? However, insecure code is often hidden from plain sight. When it comes to security, WordPressSmith uses a simple process we like to call Detect and Protect. We detect vulnerabilities in a timely manner. We fix and protect your WordPress website against them in the future.

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